Y our hair Extensions can be safely washed with a mild or sulfate free shampoo. Avoid using alcohol based products as these products are likely to dry your hair Extensions out. Do not over manipulate Extensions by squeezing, rubbing or twisting, as you want to ensure you are not damaging the cuticles. Blot the hair Extensions gently to dry. Do not brush or comb the Extensions while wet. Condition your hair Extensions with a good conditioner and while conditioner is on your Extensions comb through with a wide tooth comb starting from the ends working upward. Moisturizing your hair Extensions is critical to combating dryness. Towel blot the Extensions and air dry for best results. We do not recommend blow drying the hair Extensions. Once the hair has been washed and/or conditioned, the hairs natural textures will appear. We recommend that you avoid over-washing your hair Extensions. Washing two to three times maximum weekly will prevent your hair from drying out. It is best to cover your hair with a satin cap while sleeping to prolong the beauty of the hair Extensions. Before swimming it is best to wet hair, add conditioner and place in a braid. Remember, all human hair tangles and sheds to a certain extent, and so will all human hair extensions.

We recommend treating your hair Extensions with love, and take care to follow these hair care instructions for best results.