About Us

Abundance Hair Boutique, LLC. is a wholesale distributor of human hair. We sell hair to distributors, salons, beauty supply stores and retail customers. Abundance Hair Boutique is inspired by glamour, beauty, and luxury providing ethically sourced, human hair from voluntary donors in India. Every bundle is custom made for for each customer this means no two bundles will ever be the same. We are your reliable, wholesale hair extension company, offering a quality product with competitive pricing, to meet all your business and personal needs.

At Abundance Hair Boutique, we aspire to consistently provide woman with hair they have always wished was possible. Our extensions aid our clients in achieving volume, length and chemical-free color options. We believe life should be lived to the fullest and with great hair, women are empowered to feel and look like Queens.

Our STORY began with Owner/Founder, ReKena Smith who has a love and passion for life and all things hair. In 2009, after deciding to make a hair color change, she lost her hair due to a poorly administered chemical process. Understanding the need to feel confident and beautiful, she decided to explore human hair extensions as a solution. Through trial and error she learned that not all hair extensions are created equal. There are horror stories where people have paid an exorbitant amount of money to get extensions only to have them removed days later due to improper installation or low quality product. ReKena experienced one of these horror stories first hand which birthed the dream to one day market quality, human hair extensions. As a result of the desire to spare the next person a hair horror story and after extensive research, Abundance Hair Boutique, LLC. was birthed, making the journey one that was well worth it.

Join us as we explore and illuminate the many options our clients have to; accessorize with human hair, explore protective styling options for those with natural hair, and empower our clients with options for all of their hair replacement needs.

7 DAY RETURN. Simply return it in within 7 days

FREE SHIPPING. Free shipping on all USD order or order above USD $150

100% PAYMENT SECURE. We ensure secure payment.